Completed Projects

Project Period: February 2022 – September 2022

Project Title: Training Women and Youth on Intergrated Fish and Horticultural Crops ( Aquaponics) Farming Practices in Kasese and Kyegegwa Districts of Uganda.

ENABEL made a call for proposals in 2021 for supporting skilling in Uganda under a government grant no. UGA1402711 Reference: UGA1402711-10045/SSUBE/CfP/010. Water Governance Institute (WGI) in partnership with Agency for Cooperation in Research and Development (ACORD – Uganda) responded to the Call which covered several economic sectors including agriculture, fisheries, water resources for agriculture and gender equity. The call focused on the Albertine Graben including refugee communities. WGI and ACORD-Uganda submitted a joint proposal to undertake skills training for 300 women and youth on Solar Powered integrated fish and crop (Aquaponics) farming in the districts of Kasese and Kyegegwa. The training covered theoretical and hands-on practical training on the science and practice of Aquaponics including how to setup, manage and maintain Aquaponics systems. The training targeted trainees from host and Refugee communities in Kasese and Kyegegwa. Refugees were only present in Kyegegwa.

The overall objective of the application was to introduce integrated fish and horticultural crop (Aquaponics) farming approaches in Kasese and Kyegegwa districts for the promotion of water efficiency, food and income security and livelihoods improvement in the district as well as contribute to mitigating climate change and its associated effects/impacts and enhancing household adaptation and resilience to effects/impact of climate change. Our specific objectives were to; train women and youth on how to fabricate and establish Aquaponics systems using locally available materials as well as establish 10 integrated fish and horticultural crop (Aquaponics) demonstration sites in Kasese and Kyegegwa districts. Our objectives were in line with Enabel’s key result areas of healthy food and water security; livelihoods of people and communities; and ecosystems and ecosystems services.

The aquaponics innovation was set up in ten locations; five units in each of the Districts of Kasese and Kyegegwa. Both the PVC pipe system and the grow-beds system designs were set up. In Kasese, there were 3 PVC aquaponics pipe system design and 2 Grow bed aquaponics systems design where as in Kyegegwa, there were 2 PVC aquaponics systems design and 3 Grow bed systems design.

The project set-out to achieve the cited objectives above and they were achieved as anticipated. The Solar Powered Aquaponics Innovation was well received and is triggering growing multi-stakeholder interest among the communities, local governments and development partners.

Project period: 2015-2018

Promoting Commercial Aquaponics Farming among Smallholder Farmers/Households for Water Efficiency, Food Security and Livelihoods Improvement in Uganda This was a 3-year project funded by Securing Water For Food (SWFF), a global program supported by USAID, the Swedish Government (SIDA); the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and the Government of South Africa. Water Governance Institute successfully completed this project.

Project period: 2013-2014

  • Grant ID OR/2013 -11581 entitled “Promoting Transparency And Accountability In Uganda’s Petroleum Sector” 2013-2014
  • OSIEA/FOSI funded project on promoting Oil and Mining Industry Compliance to Social and Environmental Safeguards in Uganda. This was a two year project that aimed at Analyzing the contents and implications of draft mining legislation with a view of identifying gaps and implementation challenges.
  • Reviewed the status of Uganda’s disaster risks reduction and climate change adaptation strategies to identify gaps, challenges, linkages and opportunities and made proposals or recommendations for government interventions.
  • Conducted a study on Uganda’s tax system in relation to the emerging petroleum industry with a view of identifying areas of tax leakage and discussing the tax conflicts that government is experiencing with oil companies

Project period: 2010-2011

Grant ID GMS/2010/09/0275 entitled “Review of the petroleum (exploration, production and value addition) or Resource Bill 2010.”