Completed Projects

Project period: 2015-2018

Promoting Commercial Aquaponics Farming among Smallholder Farmers/Households for Water Efficiency, Food Security and Livelihoods Improvement in Uganda This was a 3-year project funded by Securing Water For Food (SWFF), a global program supported by USAID, the Swedish Government (SIDA); the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and the Government of South Africa. Water Governance Institute successfully completed this project.

Project period: 2013-2014

  • Grant ID OR/2013 -11581 entitled “Promoting Transparency And Accountability In Uganda’s Petroleum Sector” 2013-2014
  • OSIEA/FOSI funded project on promoting Oil and Mining Industry Compliance to Social and Environmental Safeguards in Uganda. This was a two year project that aimed at Analyzing the contents and implications of draft mining legislation with a view of identifying gaps and implementation challenges.
  • Reviewed the status of Uganda’s disaster risks reduction and climate change adaptation strategies to identify gaps, challenges, linkages and opportunities and made proposals or recommendations for government interventions.
  • Conducted a study on Uganda’s tax system in relation to the emerging petroleum industry with a view of identifying areas of tax leakage and discussing the tax conflicts that government is experiencing with oil companies

Project period: 2010-2011

Grant ID GMS/2010/09/0275 entitled “Review of the petroleum (exploration, production and value addition) or Resource Bill 2010.”