Strategic Investment Plan for Water & Environment Sector, Uganda (2018-2030)

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Strategic Investment Plan for Water & Environment Sector, Uganda (2018-2030)

May 17, 2018 1:10 pm | Published by admin

The Water and Environment Sector of Uganda has recently developed a Strategic Sector Investment Plan (SSIP) to guide annual investments in the sector up to year 2030. In order to meet the sector’s targets across 24 indicators measuring the key activities of the sector, including U.N. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) commitments, the sector will need a large increase in funding—over nine times current levels. In the absence of this funding increase, the sector will have to make strategic tradeoffs between investments to best use the limited funds available. This handout presents the results of the SSIP study, including investment requirements to meet targets and strategic investment planning under limited funding scenarios.

“Uganda’s Water and Environment Sector Requires a Nine-fold Increase in Annual Funding to Reach 2030 Targets”(According to the Plan).

 Access the detailed plan from the links bellow

Download the Final Water and Environment sector Investment Plan